NewScientist – Prophesy of economic collapse 'coming true' – 17 November 2008 – New Scientist – environment

Example A. Bacteria in a Petri dish will grow exponentially until they run out of resources, at which point their population will crash. Only one generation prior to the crash, the bacteria will have used up half the resources available to them. To the bacteria, there will be no hint of a problem until they starve to d…

Anticipating Earthquakes – NASA Science

By watching these motions, they can figure out where points of high strain are building up. The frequency spectrum of the emissions shows that internal heat from friction– eg, rocks rubbing together–is not responsible for the radiation.

Ocean World – Groundwater Contamination

This is typically performed by employing various crushing, grinding and froth flotation techniques. At low levels of contamination, fuel contaminants in water cannot be detected by smell or taste, yet the seemingly pure water may be contaminated to the point of affecting human health.

Astrobiology Magazine – Venusian Cloud Colonies

The idea appealed to Carl Sagan, especially when he considered the mysterious radio emissions that emanated from the planet.

Starquakes Rock an Ion Crystal – Physics

These shifts–commonly called starquakes–result in the sporadic emission of soft gamma rays seen by space-based observatories, according to the theory. "It's sort of like studying earthquakes by crushing a pebble," explains Travis Mitchell, of the University of Delaware, who is a member of the team.

Manufactured Ignorance – American Scientist

They argued that any warming caused by greenhouse emissions is swamped by natural climate variations. The authors also point to a certain irony in the fact that libertarians are now using tricks once pilloried by one of their traditional heroes—the great George Orwell.

ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Archived Features – News Search – 2010

Some electrons in a full shell point up, canceling out the electromagnetic fields of an equal number of electrons that point down. The project also aims to demonstrate the impact of simulation on reducing the cost and time required to develop the zero-emissions power plants of the future.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – PUB-3000 Chapter 25 – MACHINE SAFEGUARDING – SHOP AND LABORATORY MACHINE SAFETY – REV'D 07/12

Report any improperly functioning machine or tool or those that lack safeguards for all points of operation or rotational motion, including nip points and cutting, shearing, punching, and forming mechanisms. When there is a risk of crushing or piercing, approved safety shoes meeting ANSI Z74.1 are required.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals

People working with large domestic animals might sustain crushing injuries when the animals kick, fall, or simply shift their body weight. Class B liquids are classified according to their flash point, the lowest tem- perature at which a liquid will produce vapor sufficient to propagate a flame.

USGS Mineral Resources Program – Abstracts of Papers Presented

Microwave induced wet calcination of trona has the potential to eliminate many of the steps currently necessary in the conventional processing of trona into soda ash including crushing and high temperature calcination, with the goal of improving economics and simplifying the process.

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