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The BLM's mineral programs can be categorized into three major mineral resource types: locatable, leasable and salable minerals. In fact, the BLM administers approximately 17.5 million subsurface acres, and supervises mineral operations on about 73,000 acres of Native American lands across the state. – DNR – Permits

When conducting the pre-mining inventory, a post-mining land use must be considered and proposed so it may be designed into the mine operation and reclamation plan. All coal mining activities are included, regardless of mining method or size of operation. There are three major components to every permit application.

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The majority of the production is from Chevron-operated leases that are part of three major crude oil fields in the San Joaquin Valley—Kern River, Midway Sunset and Cymric.

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In the 19th century, the term "petroleum" was frequently used to refer to mineral oils produced by distillation from mined organic solids such as cannel coal (and later oil shale), and refined oils produced from them.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Commissioner's Testimony at NYS Assembly Hearing on Oil and Gas Drilling for DSGEIS – NYS Dept. …

The draft supplement is lengthy, but for the purposes of today's hearing I'd like to focus on three major components: • First, the comprehensive description and analysis of the drilling process from site selection to reclamation.

Exploring for Copper Deposits

Students should know the three major rock classes and their origin and understand the concept of a geologic map.

The Chinese government reinvigorated its civilian nuclear energy program last week with three major actions – …

They added two more types of cell – mesenchymal cells, and endothelial cells from umbilical cord blood vessels.

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Major research areas include bioinformatics, computational science and engineering, computer graphics, computer vision, data mining, database systems, machine and computational learning, networking, parallel and distributed computing, pervasive computing, robotics, security, semantic web, social networks, software desi… research gis data maps terrestrial trgis

These data were collected by three entities: the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Everglades National Park (ENP), and Big Cypress National Preserve (BCNP) and represent VHS radio-telemetry data collected since the early 1980's.

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