Three Roll Crushers are utilized for primary as well as secondary crushing. They’re particularly suitable with regard to medium and good grinding processes, demanding a restricted selection of particle size distribution along with a low dust content material.


Raw supplies and products, for instance in the
— fertilizer industry (NPK, DAR MAY… )
– energy plant technology (coal, cola… )
– chemical substance industry.

Three Roll Crusher type 2330/08-12 with vertical adjustment

three roll crusher

three roll crusher


The actual crushing rolls tend to be individually driven through electrical motors, equipment motors or along with coupling and things, counter-rotating via V-belts.

The material is fed to the primary crushing phase by conveyors although it is distributed within the whole width from the roll. The great angle of admittance, determined by the actual optimum arrangement from the primary crusher move and crushing dish guarantees efficient feeding to the primary crushing phase, even in situation of large give food to lumps. The optimum material guiding and also the careful adjusting from the roller diameter for the roller speed from the secondary crushing phase guarantee a mild crushing process with no less than wear and rip.


Gap width from the primary crushing stage might be adjusted independently from the secondary crushing phase and ensures a simple and optimum coordination between your crushing stages. With respect to the application, the primary crusher roll could be equipped with mashing rings or ledges. In the event of materials, which tend to clog combined with the use of crushing ledges, the spaces about the roller body area are lined along with wear-resistant rubber.

The actual Three Roll Crusher combines an overload safety in both mashing stages, which allows international particles to move without causing harm to the machine. To be able to facilitate maintenance, the actual roller shafts tend to be arranged in amply-dimensioned round roller bearings. The bearing housings include lubricated labyrinths to prevent dust and grime penetration.

When using sleek roller shells within the secondary crushing phase, a machining from the roller surface from different intervals is necessary with respect to the hardness of the actual feed material. By use of the optional roll switching lathe the roller shells can certainly be machined with no need to dismount the actual rolls.


The uniform last grain size is suffering from the gap between your rolls/comb plate within the individual crushing phases.

In order to change the gap and also to compensate deterioration, the primary as well as secondary crushing stages include an adjusting gadget. The comb plate arranged within the primary crushing phase is adjustable with a threaded spindle. Gap adjustment within the secondary crushing phase is attained hydraulically or even electromechanically. Overload protection is definitely integrated.

- hydraulic up and down adjustment
If the needed pressing force can’t be achieved by hand, hydraulic cylinders dominate loose roll realignment.

- electromechanical up and down adjustment
Gap adjustment is effected with a driving motor along with a reduction gear using a hollow shaft.

- space measurement system
On request, the hydraulic as well as electromechanical adjustment systems can discover a fully automated gap measurement program.


  • high as well as constant capacity
  • space-saving simultaneous integration associated with two crushing stages
  • high availability
  • gap realignment independent of main and secondary mashing stage
  • easy alternative of wear as well as spare parts
  • wide selection of application
  • gentle crushing
  • overload protection


  • feed size:up to approx. 250 mm
  • product size:up to approx. < 1 mm depending on the feed material and its size
  • capacity:up to approx. 300 t/h
  • max. required power:approx. 200 kW


  • automatic gap adjusting device for the secondary crushing stage
  • automatic grease lubrication system
  • roll turning lathe

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