Brief Introduction of River Sand

River Sand Quarry Washing Machine

River Sand Quarry Washing Machine

River sand is divided into building sand, drying river sand and natural sand. River sand is formed from natural stone by the function of water repeated collisions and friction long time. Its components are complex and its face is smooth. River sand has distinguished contribution to the construction industry. After screening, river sand can be used as main raw material for external wall insulation. Its strength is similar to mortar made with quartz sand. It is granular loose material used as skelecton and filling material in the concrete. Natural river sand contains many impurities and mud, so river sand washing machine is needed.

River Sand Quarry Washing Machine

River sand quarry washing machine has two styles, Wheel Sand Washing Machine and Screw Sand Washing Machine. These are two different sand washing machines with different working principle. Shanghai Ciros XSD Series Sand Washing Machine is a kind of wheeled sand washing machine, and can clean and separate the dust and powder from the sand. Its new structure and reliable driving device can make sure the cleaning effective. In many river sand quarry plant, customers choose this series san washing machine. This river sand quarry washing machine has reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, small loss of the sands during the washing process.

In addition, there is screw sand washing machine used as river sand quarry washing machine. The sand is feeding into the sediment pool, acting by rotating screw blade, the sand is turning and rolling and grinding each other to eliminate impurity. This sand washing machine has functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification. This river sand quarry washing machine is installed 15 ° inclination. Both of them are your good choice to washing sand.

River Sand Quarry Washing Machine Manufacturer

Shanghai Ciros is a famous mining machinery manufacturer in China. There are many kinds of mining machinery such as crushers and grinding mills, as well as river sand quarry washing machine. Its products have been exported into many countries such as America, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, etc. If you have any questions please contact us, we are so happy if we can help you.

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