Mobile aggregate washing plant

Mobile aggregate washing plant

Mobile aggregate washing plant

Introduction of an M2500 sand and aggregate washing plant to your production processes allows you to:

  • Minimise space required on site to accommodate the washing plant.
  • Ensure production of sand and aggregate products to your desired specification.
  • Minimise spillage of material and water to ensure a safer, cleaner and more productive site.
  • Easily integrate your M2500 Mobile washing plant” with additional water treatment products to ensure the most efficient use of natural resources.

The M2500 Mobile washing plant can be introduced to quarrying, recycling and mining operations where the following materials are being processed

  • Sand & Gravel
  • Crushed Rock
  • Crusher dust
  • Scalpings
  • Iron ore
  • Other mineral ores
  • Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Material


The integrated M14 feed hopper is fitted with a belt feeder to ensure the most efficient transfer of material from the hopper to feed conveyor.

The belt width is the same on the belt feeder and transfer conveyor ensuring the elimination of any choke points for sticky material.

  • Reduces blockages within the system
  • Reduces the time spent on plant maintenance
  • Maximises plant production


Designed with washing in mind

The P2-75 and P3-75 models are designed with their primary function to be as a rinsing screen. Other’rinsing screens’are all too often dry screens with the crude addition of a few spray bars

There are a number of features of the ProGrade screen range which ensure its performance as a rinsing screen is far in excess of other screens available on the market:

Individually controlled spray bars

The water supply to each spray bar can be shut down individually to allow for easy modification to the washing system depending on the specific requirements of the material being processed.

Rotating spray bars for ease of access

The spray bars on the ProGrade screen rotate allowing easy operator access for replacement of screen media. This reduces plant maintenance time and allows for quick and easy changes to the screen configuration to allow for variations in final product requirements to be easily accommodated.

Each spray bar nozzle is also individually adjustable to allow for appropriate positioning relative to the material on the screen deck.

Stand alone spray bar assembly

The spray bar assembly is not rigidly fixed to the screen box but is an entirely independent structure.This eliminates vibration and the risk of plant failure.

A safer, cleaner, more productive site

Splash prevention over decks and specialist spray bar seals reduce the risk of both material and water loss resulting in a safer, cleaner, more efficient operation.

High specification bearings and unique bearing protection

Market leading SKF bearings are used as standard on the ProGrade7V screen range and a unique double seal arrangement prevents contamination (i.e. water ingress) of the bearings during plant operation.

The use of high specification bearings, coupled with the unique bearing seal arrangement:

  • Prevents Water from entering bearing arrangement thus minimising the risk of plant failure
  • Reduces time and cost of plant maintenance and repair
  • Ensures maximum production from your screening plant

Replaceable rubber lined feed impact zone

This minimises the impact of material on steel and its position also ensures that material is delivered to the very back of the screen, maximising the available screening area.

Easily replaceable rubber lining also reduces the time required for plant maintenance therefore increasing your plants productivity.

Rubber marshmallow screen mounts

These harness the vibration within the screen and ensure the maximum amount of energy is transferred to the material rather than the supporting structure as happens when traditional steel springs are specified.

This feature reduces oscillating variable stress which is one of the major causes of plant failure.

Rosta tension drive unit for increased belt life and efficiency

As belts are held in constant tension they are not subjected to any shocks as the screen box rotates resulting in increased plant life and reduced maintenance costs.

Lattice design screen box

Reduces the mass of the screen box and ensures more energy is transferred to the material ensuring superior screening performance.

Easy accommodation of a variety of screen media

The screen media on the ProGrade screen range can be changed quickly and easily with no modifications required to the screen box. The addition of hexagon punch plates allow for easy transition from polyurethane panels to side tensioned wire mesh if required.

Adjustable RPM allows for variations in feed to be easily accommodated

The ProGrade screen range has been designed to operate at the centre of its maximum bandwidth offering you the maximum range between natural frequency nodes.

This allows for operating speeds to be increased or decreased significantly and without risk of plant failure to allow for the production of different material grades or the processing of different materials.

Cartridge design of screen decks

This prolongs plant life as it eliminates wear on otherwise welded joints.

Revolutionary shaft design

The ProGrade range includes a unique hollow shaft design which significantly reduces the mass of the shaft assembly while still generating the same force as a traditional solid shaft.

The high energy shaft design on the ProGrade range ensures more energy is transferred into the material, resulting in a lower power requirement than in comparable screens.

Bolted, not welded

Welded structures induce higher stress levels than bolted structures.Throughout the ProGrade range there is minimal use of welding which significantly reduces stress on the structure therefore increasing plant life.

Superior wear protection

The shaft assembly and all cross members are rubber lined as standard offering increased wear protection and reduced ongoing maintenance requirements.

Standardisation of spares with EvoScreen dewatering screen range

A common set of spares exists ensuring:

  • Minimum number of different parts need to be held in stock
  • Reduced time required for operator maintenance training
  • Reduced time spent on plant maintenance

Sand Washing

To ensure maximum efficiency the M25001 integrates the latest EvoWash sand washing technology.

Our EvoWash plants have developed a reputation for ensuring efficiencies are maximised. With many installations throughout the world with the major construction materials producers our EvoWashrv systems have been proven to deliver high quality washed sand to the global construction market.

This unit includes:

  • Hydrocyclone
  • Dewatering Screen
  • Sump
  • Slurry Pump

The modular design of the Ciros EvoWash sand washing plant facilitates highly accurate separation of silts and clays from the final washed sand product.

Our sand washing systems have been employed throughout the world to replace traditional, inefficient sand washing systems such as bucket wheels and sand screws / screw classifiers.

Silt cut points of 40 micron and below can be achieved through the introduction of one of our fines recovery sand washing systems. These washing systems are employed in the production of specialist sands such as silica sand, golf sand and filter sand for use in municipal waste water treatment.

Throughout the EvoWash sand washing plant there are examples of design features and innovations which have established this system as the number one choice on the global market. Some of these features are explained in more detail here:

Modular Isenmann Polyurethane non-bolted screen media for:

  • Maximum dewatering of your sand product
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Efficient grading of your sand product
  • Ease of maintenance

Replaceable polyurethane side wall protection on the EvoWash”v screen minimises material on steel contact, reducing wear and increasing the working life of the machine.

Rubber lined pipework ensures maximum wear resistance to minimise lifetime cost of ownership.

The position and size of the rubber lined feedbox minimises the impact of material directly onto the screen deck, increasing operational life.

The positioning of the rubber lined feedbox allows for cyclone underflow to be discharged across the full width of the dewatering screen maximising the screen area and ensuring high efficiency dewatering.

Integrated Warman slurry pump as standard.

Warman slurry pump mounted at rear of the EvoWash ensuring safe and easy access to the pump & motor for maintenance. Increasing the safety of plant operation and reducing maintenance time.

Mining grade pipework (Sigma) used to connect slurry pump to the hydrocyclone ensuring maximum wear resistance.

Extensive use of steel pipework lined with natural rubber to ensure maximum wear resistance.

The EvoWash uses Ciros hydrocyclone technology, developed through our experience in the delivery of more sand washing plants than any other global supplier.


Facilitated through the inclusion of 3 or 4 integrated 9m stockpile conveyors depending on the model chosen for your application.

Each conveyor offers a stockpile capacity of150m3.

Easy, Safe Access for Operation & Maintenance

The inclusion of fully galvanised walkways and access stairs as standard on the Evowash offers both health and safety & operational efficiency advantages.

All walkways are fully compliant with European Health and Safety specifications and offer easy access for operators and maintenance personnel.This minimises time required for maintenance thus maximising the operational time of the plant.

Ciros ProMan – World Class Project Management

Our experience in the design of large turnkey mineral processing projects ensures your project will be designed and delivered to the highest possible standards

Ciros’s ProMan system is proven to deliver highly efficient and productive plants through a process which ensures that lines of communication are clear and everyone involved from both your side and ours knows exactly where the project sits at any given time.This system has been implemented effectively on numerous worldwide projects from the UK and Ireland to India, Middle East Africa and North America.

A dedicated project team is appointed as soon as the project goes live which contains all the major disciplines required to deliver you a truly world class project. Through this process you are allocated a dedicated Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) who is ultimately responsible for the delivery of your project in its entirety.

Our wish and yours is for a project that is delivered on time, on budget and performs to the highest possible standards. ProMan is the methodology that has been proven to consistently deliver this outcome.The key to success here is the same as with our design philosophy – each project must be constructed individually to take into account the individual characteristics of the site, the material, the deadline, the requirements of the process.

Your project team is guaranteed to contain a team of individuals with a combined experience in excess of 50 years in the delivery of numerous processing systems in wide range of industries covering the full range of materials.

Standard Features:

  • Ciros Blue paint finish
  • M2500 Mobile washing plant chassis
  • M14 Hopper with manual reject grid (150mm spacings)
  • Transfer conveyor
  • ProGrade P2-75 rinsing screen with wire mesh screen media
  • EvoWash sand washing plant
  • Integrated 9m stockpile conveyors
  • Control Panel
  • Motors
  • Guards
  • Access stairs and walkways

Optional Extras:

  • Upgrade to HydraulicTipping Grid
  • Change grid spacings – 125mm or 100mm
  • Remove manual tipping grid
  • Replace Ml 4 Hopper with extended feed boot
  • Upgrade ProGrade screen media to Isenmann Polyurethane
  • Upgrade ProGrade screen media to PU coated wire mesh
  • Beltweigher for transfer conveyor
  • Overband magnet (including support frame and stainless stee chute, modified flat rollers and modified walkway for access)
  • Remove all walkways and stairs
  • Downgrade to maintenance walkways only
  • Non-standard paint finish

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