LOG WASHERS for gravel

LOG WASHERS for gravel

Even probably the most agglomerated deposits tend to be no match for that efficiency of Ciros record washers. Our unique, “reverse involution” style has paddles arranged inside a spiral pattern across the shaft, producing an infinitely more effective scrubbing action to get rid of tough, plastic-soluble clays along with other unwanted coatings. This excellent motion ensures that some part of material is continuously moving, leveling energy demand while decreasing power consumption.


The log washer is best known for its ability to remove tough, plastic-soluble clays from natural and crushed gravel, stone and ore feeds. It will also remove coatings from individual particles, break up agglomerations and reduce some soft, unsound fractions by a mild form of differential grinding.


  • Manufactured in the USA by experienced personnel using proven manufacturing processes ensures unmatched quality.
  • Large clean-out ports in the back plate ensure ease of maintenance and clean-out.
  • Overflow ports located on each side of the unit provide installation flexibility.


The high-efficiency v-belt drive assembly includes a custom-engineered singleinput dual-output gearbox, ensuring:

  • Reduced horsepower requirements
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Longer motor life


The “reverse involution” spiral paddle arrangement provides increased TPH/HP while producing cleaner products and:

  • Reduces intermittent shock loading for longer service life
  • Keeps a portion of the mass in motion at all times, reducing overall power requirements
  • Increases retention time for more effective scrubbing


Proven in head-to-head testing, the “reverse involution” paddle configuration delivers:

  • 10–15% more capacity with the same size drive as competitive units
  • 10–15% less cost per ton processed
  • Up to 40% cleaner product, depending on the factors measured


Heavy-duty cast ni-hard inner and outer paddle tips include a ribbed/corrugated face, which provides:

  • Increased scrubbing effectiveness
  • Superior wear parts life
  • Reduced wear parts cost
  • Improved safety

Cast-steel paddle brackets are welded to the spiral shaft, providing a solid base for mounting of the paddle tips.

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