Gyrasphere a Round-the-Clock Workhorse

Gyrasphere Cone Crushers

Gyrasphere Cone Crushers

World-wide patents — more than 100 of them — attest to Ciros’s Gyrasphere design expertise. And more than 80 years of knowledge have gone into improving and perfecting the features that make its high production both reliable and consistent.

Select from two configurations. S for standard crushing and FC for fine crushing Gyraspheres are ideal for production in mines, quarries, gravel pits, and recycling operations due to their versatility and component interchangeability.

Built to Last

Ciros Gyraspheres are built tough to provide your operation with years of dependable service With the help of sophisticated tools like Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.). Ciros engineers have made Gyrasphere the most rugged, efficient crusher in the business. Every detail — head shape, crusher speed, eccentricity and feed opening — has been designed to optimize your crushing productivity and particle shape

And Ciros fabricates all components on-premises to assure that the highest quality standards are maintained consistently

Hydraulic relief/clearing system

Ciros’s patented hydraulic relief/clearing system protects the Gyrasphere from crushing chamber overload better than any other relief system available today.

Crusher components receive maximum protection because crushing pressures cannot exceed the hydraulic relief valve pressure setting — regardless of the amount of movement required to clear the chamber.

Lubrication System – Quality Control Built Right In

The external packaged oil system lubricates all moving parts of the Gyrasphere. A safety shut down system with audible alarm monitors the temperature and flow rate of oil circulating through the crusher The alarm sounds and the crusher stops automatically if the temperature is too high, or if the oil flow falls below a pre-set limit.

Replace Crushing Liners Easily

Manganese crushing liners, replaced without removing the upper frame or the head and shaft assembly, prevent dirt and dust from getting inside the crusher.

Fabricated Rotary Seal Ring

Built to achieve greater machine balance, the fabricated rotary seal ring provides smooth operation. Non-contact parts reduce maintenance and minimize wear.

Cam and Lever Action Most Powerful

The cam and lever action of the Gyrasphere crusher’s design combines two forces to produce a powerful crushing action.

A cam machined into the eccentric, which is supported by a roller bearing, transmits a wedging action through another roller bearing into the head. In conjunction with this cam, a lever action is transmitted to the shaft and head from the eccentrically bored and tapered hole in the eccentric

These two forces, working together, carry the loads induced by crushing and distribute these loads over a large bearing area, reducing stresses to an absolute minimum.

The gyrasphere system

  • Gyrasphere concave support bowl assembly, which houses the concave ring, is common to both S and FC configurations.
  • The upper main frame features fully machined buttress threads assuring precision alignment.
  • Head assembly being lowered into the lower main frame. The head assembly features a tapered main shaft, an aggressive crushing chamber profile, and a heavy duty skirt. The lower main frame assembly features large thrust bearings and bronze sleeve bearings, both capable of intensive load distributions.
  • Cylindrically-ground tapered main shaft assures precise bronze sleeve bearing clearance.
  • Operating mechanism of the Gyrasphere hydraulic adjustment system.
  • Upper frame assembly being placed on lower main frame.

Performance Through Precision

Ciros’s dedication to quality is evident, from the state-of-the-art machine shop utilizing the latest CNC machine tools, to the vast assembly area allowing pre-assembly and testing of all equipment prior to shipment

And Ciros Gyraspheres’ offer you what competitive cone crushers don’t. For example, precision-balancing provides smoother operation of the crushers, and eliminates the need for costly support structures.

Additionally, precision mating of the gear and pinion is assured as the countershaft box utilizes tapered roller bearings. There’s no need to adjust the bearings once originally set. The countershaft box conveniently self-drains so oil flows back to the reservoir without external hoses. The dynamically balanced, grooved flywheel reduces vibration, and is mounted on the outboard end of the countershaft accommodating the V-belt drive.

  • Relief chamfer being machined on Gyrasphere lockout
  • This CNC vertical machining center assures accuracy of the Gyrasphere eccentric.
  • Main frames are fabricated, virtually eliminating any structural deficiencies in parent materials.
  • Locknut cover weldment showing installation of adjusting ribs.
  • To assure the highest quality weld penetration, all main frames are position-welded using automatic wire feed welding equipment.
  • Rugged inner main frame weldment features one piece cast center hub, heavy box type main frame arms, and multiple gussets to withstand tremendous loads.
  • After inspection, finishing touches are put on a main frame prior to stress-relieving.

Model 44 Gyrasphere’ is the ideal size for portable plant applications. Dimensionally, the crusher is only slightly larger than a 36″ crusher with capacities considerably greater than the 48″ size. Model 44 is available in both standard (S) and fine (FC) styles Minimum closed side settings range from 3/8″ to V with capacities from 175 to 430 TPH. Model 44S will accepi feed size in excess of 6″ Shipping weight is 31200 lbs.

Engineered lo combine maximum capacity with long-term durability. Gyrasphere Model 68 is available in both standard (S) and fine (FC) styles Minimum closed side settings range from 3/8″ to 11/4* with capacities from 490 to 1010TPH. Model 68S will accept feed size in excess of n: Shipping weight is 109,000 lbs.

Ton after ton, you can depend on this high capacity GyrasphereV Model 57 is available in both standard (S) and fine (FC) styles Minimum closed side settings range from 1/2″ to 1″ with capacities from 350 to 665 TPH. Model 57S will accept feed size in excess of 9″ Shipping weight is 66,000 lbs.

  • Model 68 handles high tonnage feed rates continuously all day long, day in and day out
  • This stationary Model 68 offers outstanding capacities for mining and quarry applications.
  • Contractor-owned Gyrasphere Model 57 mounted on Ciros portable chassis.
  • Typical Model 57 stationary installation producing specification aggregate.

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