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It is designed to press over 1000 gallons of cider per day, using 25 bushels of apples to make about 75 gallons of cider per press. This press was first used in the 1890's, but Critz Farms is now in our fifth year of sweet apple cider production.

Mother Earth News – An All-Fruit Juice Press

On my first visit to a commercial cider mill, I learned that apples storage and pressing sheds were well screened against insects, and that apples must be shredded into "pomace" to even begin thinking of giving up their juice.

Ciderhouse in Hadley revives a New England tradition –

SymphonyIRI Group, a Chicago market research firm, reported that hard cider sales for the year were up 50 percent — or by $71.5 million — over 2011 through the year's first nine months, according to the Associated Press.

Apple cider – Wikipedia

Today nearly all small pressing operations use electric-hydraulic equipment with press cloths and racks both of polypropylene in what is commonly called a "rack and cloth press", and electric hammermill shredders.

Dining Guide – Old Port – The Portland Press Herald – Maine Sunday Telegram

Side dishes include a smoked cheddar potato gratin and apple cider-steamed quinoa. THE FARMER'S TABLE $$$ 205 Commercial St 207 347-7479 Hours: Lunch 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday to Friday. There's also plenty of olive oils and other imported goods from Italian producers for sale.

The Daily Beast – Hard Cider, Drink of Presidents, Makes a Comeback – Newsweek and The Daily Beast

"Most of them are so small that they fly underneath the industry's radar. But I've seen various figures on sales of cider in supermarkets—sales up 72 percent over last year. That is a stunning growth but of course this is virtually entirely industrial 'draft cider' brands.".

PALATE PRESS – This Crush For Rent – Options for Aspiring Winemakers – PALATE PRESS

Pre-Prohibition laws allowed the heads of families to make 200 gallons (the equivalent of about 1000 750 ml bottles) of "nonintoxicating cider and fruit juice" per year for home consumption.

Cider and Perry producers – full list arranged by county – Real Cider and Perry at …

Owners colin and rita are a font of knowledge and use a traditional screw press to press the pomace through straw – i could listen to them talk about cyder all day.

Hobby Farms – Making Cider

If you own a home cider press or want to cob one together to try your hand at pressing apples, "Apple Cider Recipe" at is an even better bet (instructions are included).

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"When disputes arise, your commercial objectives are our main concern" – Whose interests does Lib Dem Lord Clement-Jones really represent. "In respect to the apple cider vinegar product, I have and advised (sic) the company to remove these claims.".

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