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However, in the AEO2012 reference case a 3-percentage point increase in the cost of capital is added when evaluating investments in greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive technologies like coal-fired power and coal-to-liquids (CTL) plants without carbon control and sequestration (CCS).

Nuclear Power Economics – Nuclear Energy Costs

Fuel costs for nuclear plants are a minor proportion of total generating costs, though capital costs are greater than those for coal-fired plants and much greater than those for gas-fired plants.

Radiation Safety

A very different industry, the generation of electricity by coal-fired power stations, results in the release of naturally-occurring radioactive materials from the coal. Today, moreover, about 17 percent of the world's electricity is supplied by nuclear power plants.

ORNL – Biomass Fuels, Energy, Carbon, and Global Climate Change

Especially important are how much carbon is stored on the land (including in trees and other plants and in the soil and plant litter on the ground) at the beginning and end of the analysis, how much fossil-fuel use is displaced, how much carbon is stored in durable wood products, and how much energy is required for for…

Coal – Analysis & Projections – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Trucks transported approximately 12 percent of the coal consumed in the United States in 2004, mainly in short hauls from mines in the East to nearby coal-fired electricity and industrial plants. A number of minemouth power plants in the West also use trucks to haul coal from adjacent mining operations.

Economics – EWEA

A wind turbine is capital-intensive compared to conventional fossil fuel fired technologies such as a natural gas power plant, where as much as 40-70% of costs are related to fuel and operations and maintenance.

Paper Pellets – Biomassmagazine.com

The ratepayer-owned utility is located in the small city of Manitowoc on the eastern border Wisconsin shares with Lake Michigan MPU serves about 16,000 customers and cofires around 15 percent paper biomass pellets with petroleum coke and coal in the circulating fluidized bed boilers employed at its main power plant on …

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Energy Basics – Glossary of Energy Related Terms

A term used to describe precipitation that has become acidic (low pH) due to the emission of sulfur oxides from fossil fuel burning power plants. Describes the reliability of power plants.

OSHA – Electric Power eTool – Scope

The "269" standard applies to the operations and maintenance of any system or activity that exists, directly or indirectly, for the sole purpose of generating, transmitting, or distributing electric power and for which only "qualified employees" have access 1910.269(a)(2)(ii) and (x) defines the requirements for qualif…

Center for Applied Energy Research – University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research – IEA Publications – IEACCC/103

Recent developments have brought about a much better understanding of the role of the plant chemist or water engineer in connection with power plant operation. Water is also used for coal preparation, while mining operations often give rise to substantial quantities of acid mine drainage which requires treatment.

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