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A building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour and other cereal products. A machine for grinding, crushing, or pulverizing any solid substance: a coffee mill. Any of various processing or manufacturing machines, esp one that grinds, presses, or rolls.

Inspectors Struggle to Keep Up With Flood of Imports – News21 2011 National Project

At a warehouse in East Los Angeles, FDA investigators Arnold Shih and Dennis Hoang watched as 50 boxes of preserved bean curd from China were emptied into a grinding machine. The monstrously loud apparatus worked its way through 1,800 glass bottles, grinding the glass and spitting out a stream of chunky yellow ooze. – Flood of food imported, just 2 percent inspected – Food safety – Health –

S Food and Drug Administration watched intently as 50 boxes of preserved bean curd from China were emptied into a grinding machine.

The University of Huddersfield Repository – Items where Year is 2010 – University of Huddersfield Repository

Uni home page. Research and Enterprise. Up a level. Export as RSS. (2010) Measurement of σ(pp → bb̅ X) at √s=7 TeV in the forward region.

Market Profiles on Chinese Cities and Provinces (

Shaanxi manufactures various types of equipment, eg oil drills, grinding machines, lathe, and equipment for railways, mining, electricity generating, and petroleum and chemical processing etc.

Something's brewing in Vancouver – The Columbian

Larry Pratt, brewmiester at Salmon Creek Brewery, pours malt and barley into a grinding machine during the beer making process. Larry Pratt, brewmiester at Salmon Creek Brewery, stirs the mixture of hot water, grains and malted barely in a vat at his brewery in Vancouver.

Economist – Brazil's agricultural miracle – How to feed the world – The Economist

By 2050 world grain output will have to rise by half and meat production must double to meet demand. And that cannot easily happen because growth in grain yields is flattening out, there is little extra farmland and renewable water is running short.

Wind mill – Wikipedia

Made of six to twelve sails covered in reed matting or cloth material, these windmills were used to grind grain or draw up water, and were quite different from the later European vertical windmills. The machinery differs if the windmill is used for other applications than milling grain.

UN Women – The role of women in rural development, food production and poverty eradication – UN Women

Preparing Grain for Grinding and Cleaning In the village of Toktonaliev, Kyrgyzstan, Uzenova Kerimkan prepares grain to be cleaned using a machine purchased with grant money from UN Women.

Spent Grain Bread–We Brew Econo – Root Simple – February – 2008

What we do know was a success is using the spent grains, the leftover malted barley and crystal malt that we used in the beer recipe, which are strained out before the beer is put away to ferment, as a flavoring for our wild yeast bread (recipe and instructions for making that bread here—we added 4.5 ounces of the spen…

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