hammer mills gold concentrator

hammer mills gold concentrator

FULL PLACER GOLD MINING EQUIPMENT ON THE MARKET – Everything necessary to begin mining right away – including “the world’s best gold concentrator” : the Multi-Helix “Martin” Control Concentrator from ORO Industries in america. The only a single currently in Gulf Africa.

Oro Industries-Multi-Helix Spiral Concentrator-the best gold concentrator available on the market with a proven reputation recovering 99% of most free gold.

Any commercial duty, gravity concentrator regarding both alluvial and also fine milled tough rock ores – gets the highest concentration proportion AND highest restoration rate of virtually any gravity concentrator available today. The Multi-Helix Spiral permits full adjustment for the ore-matrix or completely focus yielding a top concentration ratio with which has no loss of rare metal.

With the ability to adjust to any ore matrix, the particular spiral recovers almost all fine go: d as a result of 100 nesh and also ess. So fine which it cannot be panned nor seen with all the naked eye, only using a loop, resulting in the finish or smelting level concentrate.

Lister-Petter Alphas Collection 27kva Genset : low hours

Providing all the power you need to run heavy obligation pumps for dewatering, auxiliary equipment and also crushing/milling equipment about site. Low hours with this superbly maintained Lister-Petter genset.

Imex (Lister-type) 20HP Diesel powered engines

Run another back-up power offer or power hammer-mill crushing units with your 20HP 2-Cylinder diesel powered engines. Easily maintained and serviced inside the field, these engines will be the work-horse of the particular placer gold mining operation, capable of working locally sourced crushers using a throughput of 2 tons hourly per crusher.

Shimge Heavy-duty submersible pushes – 25m3/hr

Clear water coming from flooded pits and shafts with your 3-phase submersible pushes, each capable of clearing greater than 1000 litres of water each and every minute. Heavy-duty sewage pumps make certain you can even water pump ore laden slurry for the surface – from around 25m depths – easily, straight into the particular Spiral Concentrator or perhaps other processing products.

Imex 20 kva 380V 3-phase alternator

Coupled with one of many Imex 20hp search engines, this completes an additional genset capable regarding producing 20kva (16KW) of power to run further submersible pushes, auxiliary or back-up strength.
The Above Equipment Is Available For Sale Immediately In Ciros. The Complete Equipment Schedule Provides Everything Needed To Begin Placer Gold Mining Operations.

The equipment provides the following:

  • 3-phase 380V power generation (with 240V single-phase take-off) for all power needs.
  • Submersible pumps to de-water flooded pits and shafts. Areas in excess of the size of a football field can be completely de-watered in less than two hours, opening mining opportunities that were previously inaccessible.
  • 20HP 2-cylinder diesel engines provide the power to run hammer mills (such as that shown on right), electricity generating sets, and electric motors.

Coupled with hammer mills these engines can crush and mill hard-rock ores at a rate in excess of 2 tons per hour per machine.

Upgraded to cope with dusty mining conditions, including:


  • Oil-bath Air Filters – for ultimate clean air supply.
  • Perkins Fuel Filters – for fuel-quality control.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Radiators – for maximum cooling efficiency.


The “Martin” Multi-Helix Spiral Concentrator is an exceptionally efficient gold concentrator capable of recovering gold down to 100 mesh, with 99% recovery (compared to 30 – 40% for usual artisanal methods). Using enhanced gravity methods, this system is ecologically sound, and uses no dangerous substances or chemicals. Depending on your ore type, process and recover gold from up to 2 tons of ore per hour.

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