Beneficiation of Iron Ore

Beneficiation of Iron Ore

Metal ore mining may be widely characterized previously by methods developed for high quality deposits and fairly small mine results, i. e. selective mining from the high grade materials and simultaneous throwing of low levels and fines.

This scenario may be changing dramatically within recent time for several reasons and needs new approaches:

  • Ratio of higher grade/low grade within the deposits is decreasing.
  • The specific worth of % Fe within saleable product increased within the lastyears by a lot more than .
  • Fines, often disregarded as waste materials, are becoming an invaluable product considering the actual upcoming sintering as well as pelletization capacities.
  • Modern beneficiation processes permit effective and inexpensive upgrading of group, fines and ultrafines

With respect to the arrangement of the environment chambers, side- and underbed-pulsed jigs can be found, allmi-neral supplies each types, which tend to be compared in Fig. two. In terms associated with process efficiency, there isn’t any difference between both types of jigs because the same stratification is achieved using the same water motion.

The side-pulsed Baum-type allmineral jig is restricted to a jig mattress width of 3 michael. The largest underbed-pul-sed jig given by allmineral is operated in a coal mine, it’s 5 m broad.

The main differences concern the various position of the environment chamber and kind of air control. The disk valves employed for the air control within the underbed-pul-sed jigs require control air rather than the electrically driven rotary piston from the side-pulsed jigs. The maintenance expenses for disk valves are usually higher and actually low wear results in change in the actual control timing and for that reason to a possible decrease in jig performance.

The control system of the underbed-pulsed jig is actually complex and takes a suitably qualified personel to use it. In comparison, the Baum jig along with side-pulsed action is straightforward to maintain as well as operate.

The jigs are popular in iron ore beneficiation to reduce the quantity of silica and alumina. During South Africa, Australia and South america the silica content is within the focus, in India the process is more about the reduction of the actual alumina content. While the jigging technology has been around use for a lot more than ten years within Australia, Brazil as well as South Africa, the Indian metal ore producers have found the value of the technology and are along the way of installing as well as commissioning.

Fluidized mattress technology

The first idea for that Ciros separator was created in 1988. The actual patent was authorized in 1990. and also the first industrial device was installed within 1991. More than 80 units have been in operation worldwide. Because the introduction of the actual Ciros technology towards the concrete sand industry a lot more than fifteen years back, many more applications happen to be discovered. Fine fossil fuel recovery from fish ponds, iron ore as well as mineral sand concent ration and top quality glass sand sizing are just a couple examples of this excellent technology.

Advantages from the Ciros

  • high isolating efficiency
  • high capability reaching 2. 000 mVh
  • constant high product high quality
  • automatic operation as well as control of release systems and drinking water feeds
  • high solids content material of discharged items
  • low wear
  • reduced energy consumption

Another benefit results in the relatively independent digesting of coarse as well as fine material. It allows either fraction to become processed or stockpiled individually, or they might be blended to fulfill special applications. Despite variations in uncooked material composition, a chance to off era constant product is significantly enhanced.

Perhaps the most crucial advantage of the actual all-flux

  • -separator is definitely an economic one. Through combining high effectiveness and high capability with multiple digesting stages, a decrease in specific production price is realized. Overall plant dimension is minimized and therefore investment and procedure costs are decreased. The efficiency from the Ciros extends the actual boundaries for achievable fine particle digesting, it may permit some previously uneconomic reserves to become mined.


The Ciros separators are utilized in iron ore benefi-ciation with regard to classification and concurrently upgra-dation. At least 1 final product can be acquired typically, while another two sized products might be processed further. The allflux0 technology is within use for a lot more than five years within South Africa, the very first plant in Australia may be commissioned earlier thisyear. 4 more iron ore vegetation in India tend to be under construction.

Moist High Intensity Permanent magnetic Separation

The Ciros moist high intensity permanent magnetic separator IWHIMSJ may be designed and enhanced by skilled engineers depending on their practical experience in excess of 20 years. Several features introduced towards the standard equipment led to the perfect operational flexibility as well as easy maintenance. An array of sizes starting in the smallest unit with regard to research and procedure design applications having a rated feed capability of 0, 3 t/h, towards the biggest equipment associated with its kind actually constructed, the G-3600 having a rated feed capability of 200 t/h.

Ciros Moist High Intensity Permanent magnetic Separator

  • Separates ores along with other paramagnetic and feebly magnetic minerals having a particle size as much as 3 mm
  • Matrix consists of grooved plates
  • Vertical and unhindered flow with the matrix
  • The high gradient permanent magnetic field is independently adjustable for every rotor
  • Rougher and cleaner/scavenger procedure step possible in a single single machine
  • Rotor pace is adjustable through 3 to 7 rpm
  • Throughput prices of 6-200 tlh for each machine

Major improvements within the Ciros technology when compared with traditional WHIMS resulted in:

  • Higher separation effectiveness
  • Higher flexibility
  • Higher capacity in one unit
  • Magnetic field is actually independently adjustable for every rotor
  • Cleaner-/Scavenger operation in one Ciros WHIMS feasible
  • Increased matrix region at constant rotor diameters
  • Thickness of magnetic rods is adjustable
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Greater operation reliability

Flowsheet Improvement and Metallurgical Stability

Based on lots of test work upon different Iron Ores from the typical iron ore beneficiation includes the following procedure steps

  • Three phase crushing to — 30 mm
  • Scrubbing up, to remove clay-based from particle areas and desagglomeration, in the event that required
  • Classification just before beneficiation
  • Gravity splitting up of Lump ore through jigging
  • Gravity splitting up of Sinterfeed ore through jigging
  • Gravity splitting up and classification within fluidized bed separators associated with < 1 mm materials
  • Wet high strength magnetic separation associated with fines 10, 1 -1mm
  • Moist high intensity permanent magnetic separation of penalties 1-0, 1 mm
  • Optionally available Crushing/Grinding of rejects through gravity separation procedures for further freedom and subsequent beneficiation.

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